The Timeless Charm of Postcard Printing: Why Dentists, Like Divine Dentals, Still Bank on Print Marketing

The digital age has brought forth unprecedented advancements in business operations and marketing strategies. Dentistry practices, like any business sector, have evolved significantly, leveraging the latest innovations in digital marketing for increased visibility and customer engagement. However, amidst the whirlwind of digital progress, the value of traditional, printed marketing tools still holds a unique and significant charm for industries worldwide. One such classic printed marketing tool is the postcard.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss three main points: why printed marketing still works, how a reliable printing company like Copyfast Printing can make all the difference, and specifically, how a Scottsdale dental practice called Divine Dentals can benefit from this cherished marketing strategy.

Postcard Printing for dental practices in scottsdale, az

Printed Marketing Still Works

The timeless charm of postcard printing lies in its lasting impact. In a world bombarded with endless digital advertisements, the sensory connection established through a physical postcard can be both refreshing and memorable. Here are some reasons why printed marketing still works for dentists:

a. Tactile Experience: When prospective clients hold a postcard in their hands, they are more likely to think about the dental practice and save it for future reference. This tangible connection creates a lasting impression that digital formats often lack.

b. High Open Rates: Unsurprisingly, postcards have almost 100% open rate since people can easily read them without opening an envelope, which translates to a higher chance of recipient engagement.

c. Versatility: Postcards are highly adaptable to your dentistry practice’s promotional and informational needs. They can easily be customized with images, special offers, new services promotion, appointment reminders or even client testimonials.

d. Cost-effective: Contrary to popular belief, postcard printing is not an expensive endeavor, especially when you have a reliable printing service that offers competitive pricing.

Copyfast Printing Can Supply the Business Cards

Choosing the best printing partner is crucial to ensure a high-quality outcome in your postcard marketing efforts. Copyfast Printing has been recognized as one of the premier printing companies, offering top-notch printed material, exceptional customer service, and highly competitive pricing.

With Copyfast Printing, you can be confident that you will receive:

a. Quick and Efficient Service: Ensuring your postcards are ready in the shortest time possible, so you can start utilizing them for engagement and promotional purposes.

b. Superior Quality: High-quality postcard printing that maintains exceptional color consistency and sharpness of images and text.

c. Customizable Designs: With plenty of design templates and options, you can easily and effectively communicate your dental practice’s unique message.

Divine Dentals Scottsdale Dental Practice Can Benefit from This

Divine Dental, a well-established Scottsdale dental practice, can significantly profit from incorporating postcard printing in its marketing arsenal. Here’s how:

a. Increased Visibility: A well-designed and strategic postcard campaign can drive increased walk-ins and inquiries for appointments, thus increasing Divine Dentals’ visibility in the community.

b. Client Retention: By sending appointment reminders, special offers, and personalized messages through postcards, Divine Dentals can boost client retention and loyalty.

c. Cost-effective Growth Strategy: The affordability of postcard marketing allows Divine Dentals to allocate its budget effectively for other marketing or operational avenues.


How To Create Effective Direct Mail Pieces

If your direct mails are falling short, it may be time to take a closer look. You may have received positive feedback about your initial efforts, but there may be areas where you can make improvements. Maybe you didn’t get the results you wanted after all. It would be unfair to give up now, but maybe it’s time to give some more thought to your mail campaigns.

How to Create Effective Direct Mails

A direct mail is a message that is sent to the target market, specifically addressed to them. It can be sent in any form, such as an email, letter, or even a text message. The goal of direct mails is to reach and engage the target audience with your message.

Direct mails are important because they are effective marketing tools that can help you increase your business’s visibility and reach new customers. By mailing fewer but more targeted letters, you can save time and money while still reaching your target audience.

Tips for Creating Effective Direct Mails

Direct mails are an important tool for marketing your business. You want to use the right format and wording to make sure your pieces are effective and surprising. Here are a few tips on how to write effective mail:

• Use The Right Format
When writing your mail, use the correct grammar and style. Try to avoid using clichés or words that people commonly hear in everyday conversation. Instead, use more common expressions or terms that will interest your target audience.

• Write a Well-Known Quote
Place your message in an interesting place so people will likely remember it when they think of you later. For example, put a quote from one of history’s great thinkers or authors in the opening paragraph of your piece. Or include a famous line from another author in the body of the letter.

• Place Your Message in an Interesting Place
Keep things interesting by placing your message in an interesting place such as on a building, inside something valuable, or on something special about your company/product/service. This will keep people coming back for more information and maybe even asking you questions!

• Use Graphics that Will interest Your target audience
Make sure all of your graphics are professional looking and eye-catching so people will want to see them again and again while reading your email content. For example, use photos that are high resolution and well-captured so they look fantastic on any device you might send them through (smartphones, computers, etc.).

Direct mails are a great way to reach your target audience and boost sales. However, it’s important to use the right format, write an interesting quote, and place your message in a unique location. By following these simple tips, you can create an effective direct mail that will get your business noticed.